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The Premier Card is dedicated to providing students with only the best discounts that are within close proximity to their place of study. Being knowledgeable of the culture of each town/city enables us to deliver sought-after promotions from hidden gems and popular local outlets, thus directly connecting local businesses with local students. After all, there is really no point promoting products and services that would not interest the student population.

Unlike other student discount cards, the Premier Card enables every student, not just university students, to receive local discounts and promotions. Students must have left school and be enrolled on a recognised education programme to be eligible to purchase the Premier Card.

Here are just a few reasons why students are choosing to purchase the Premier Card:

  • Exclusive local discounts for all card holders
  • A minimum of 100 businesses accepting the card in each locality
  • Discounted academic tuition for all card holders
  • Available to all students for only £5.00 a year
  • Available to graduates for only £10.00 a year (Graduated in the last 12 months / In PG education)
  • Available to affiliates for only £15.00
  • Free to disabled students
  • Free to academic support workers
  • Support local businesses
  • Support local economy
  • Support local charities


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Annual Rate

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You are just moments away from grabbing your Premier Card and receiving countless discounts. Simply complete the online form and your card will be ordered today and in your possession shortly. Please allow 10 working days for your card to arrive. We accept all debit and credit cards through our secure payment system.

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