About FCS Premier Card

The FCS Premier Card is a fundamental card service that enables card holders to receive discounts at participating outlets, in different university towns/cities. The card is an extended support service provided by First Class Support, hence the FCS branding. First Class Support literally assists thousands of students each year with various needs surrounding academic support, academic success, physical/emotional well-being and social integration, to name just a few.

A continuing theme that exists, especially among new university students, is the desire to gain access to the local community, including the best local outlets and promotions. Therefore it was suggested that a student support provider should bridge the gap and connect the ever-growing student population with local businesses. And thus, behold the inception of the FCS Premier Card.

The Premier Card launched in September 2018 and is currently available in Plymouth. The Plymouth Premier Card can be purchased by all students who have left compulsory education, from sixth-form to PhD. The card is also available to graduates, academics, academic support workers and those working for our chosen local charities. The vision is to provide a national card service, and plans are already underway to introduce the Cornwall, Torbay, Exeter and Bristol Premier Card, making the FCS Premier Card a truly unique local student-business network.

Our mission is to strengthen the local economy by showcasing what each locality has to offer the thousands of students that visit and reside locally each year. Furthermore, a percentage of all money that is raised from card sales each year is donated to a different local charity. We personally engage with local businesses, local education institutions, local councils and local charities.

Akin to local demographics, we are similarly passionate about promoting disabilities within academia. As a consequence, Premier Cards are free to disabled students. The card can otherwise be purchased by students for only £5.00 per year, £10.00 for graduates and £15.00 for academics. Students must have left school and be enrolled on a recognised education programme to be eligible to purchase a Premier Card.

The card is valid from 1st September to 31st August each academic year, at the fixed rate of either £5.00, £10.00 or £15.00. Students, graduates and academics must repurchase their card annually. By 2020, the Premier Card app will be introduced and will offer more features and benefits to the (virtual) card holder including real-time promotions, GPRS business location services and student community functionality. Card bought from any single locality will be accepted at all FCS Premier Card outlets, nationwide

We aim to provide a unique platform where local businesses can connect directly to local students, and where students can experience some of the hidden gems and popular outlets within the city/town they are studying. Everyone benefits from the Premier Card, students, local businesses, the local economy and local charities. Each locality will have a minimum of 100 businesses subscribed to provide our card holders with exclusive discounts.

All you need to do to become part of this new and exciting student-business network, is subscribe as either a student, graduate or academic card holder, or as Premier Card business partner. If you are an education institution and would like to become involved, there are exciting opportunities to promote the card as an official card vendor.

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